Front Porch Pews

Much more than just a pew on a front porch

Feel at Home

“Front Porch Pews” is much more than just…a pew…on a front porch.  While that may be a good use for our product and one that we recommend (among other placement areas inside and outside of your home), the name is meant to embody what we endearingly refer to as “southern living.”

It is what I see when I close my eyes and think about growing up and living in the south; the slower pace (yep, slower talking for some of us too), magnolia blooms in the spring, summer time and lemonade, sweet tea, dinner on Sundays at Grandma’s (after attending church, of course), “ya’ll”, and yes, soaking everything in on the “rocking chair” front porch with family and friends on any occasion.

So, absolutely, it is our name but it signifies so much more.  We hope that our products will not just be “another piece of furniture”, but rather, a symbolic reminder of whatever place and time that makes you feel “at home” regardless of where you live.

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We are honored that you came to our site.  Please click around and give us a call with questions, for a pricing quote, and to place an order when you are ready.  Whether you want a new pew, a repurposed/reclaimed pew, or farm tables and benches, or a combination of these, we promise you’ll find a friendly and helpful voice on the other end of the line.