Farm Tables and Benches

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Indoor or Outdoor

Great for use in your casual indoor or covered outdoor dining or gathering areas and complement our pews very well.  Mix and matching the benches, tables, and pews are a perfect way to use our products.

Each series contains a set of 2 benches and 1 table unless otherwise customized.


Mountain Series

The Mountain Series includes two benches and the table.  You may select southern pine, Appalachian red oak, or Maple plus any of our finish processes.

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Stain and Paint color options

Paint and Stain: Here are good places to explore stain and paint colors.  We can match anything!  Any stain or paint can be used together with any combination of our finishing techniques.

Clear top coat: Using one of our fine interior or exterior clear coats with no paint or stain is also an option. This highlights the natural color and grain of the wood.

Finishing Technique options

Whether you would prefer a clean, smooth finish or one that lends itself to the look at feel of aged barn wood we can accommodate your taste.

Standard - Anything but a “standard” look.  It is simply representative of using a stain or paint with a clear top coat but no other finish technique.  Sometimes simple is more.

- “Glazing” is a technique that is used to add an accent color by “smearing” or wiping the accent color of choice over the base color of stain or paint where it highlights the corners and crevices.  Then the clear coat is applied to lock in and protect the entire finish.  It can be added to almost any other finish technique. View our Glaze color options.

Rub Through
- A technique that literally rubs through the base coat of stain or paint to allow for areas of the natural wood to “pop” through the finish.  This technique can be used in combination with most other techniques.

- A technique that adds character (simulated worm holes, dents, divots, lines) to the wood before any other finishing technique is applied.  It can be used with any other finish technique.

- is our most involved finish process.  It is a 6-step process that involves a base coat of stain or paint, rub through, glaze, and distressing with a clear coat to lock everything in place.

When you select a distressed, glazed or antiqued finish, each piece is hand done and will be unique to your piece of furniture. We pride ourselves on this uniqueness that cannot be replicated like high production machine finished processes.

Clear Coat & Exterior Top Coat

Clear Coat
Our top coat clear finishes are applied to each of our products as the last step in our finish process.  Top coats can be selected for interior or exterior use and low VOC/environmental friendly choices are available.  All our finishes are top of the line furniture grade finishes.

Exterior Top Coat
Exterior top coats are distinguished from interior clear coats by their added UV (ultraviolet) inhibitors to protect from breakdown due to consistent sunlight exposure.  Further, our exterior finishes are moisture resistant.  In both cases, UV and moisture inhibitors, are smart choices for products that will be placed outside under a covered patio, porch, or other covered setting.  Direct exposure (e.g. like sitting the pew in the yard) is never recommended and will void our warranty.  Keep in mind that no finish on wood lasts forever and do so in a manner directly commensurate with level of exposure.


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